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Greetings Members,

Your board was approached by CCAC’s Workforce Development Department about mutual opportunities related to training you and your staff.

CCAC is a partner with WEDnetPA.   This program provides qualified employers training for new and existing employees (which meet the WEDnetPA criteria).   The training allows companies to stay competitive while keeping employee skills current and relevant.   Eligible in-state businesses apply to WEDnetPA to access training funds.   The funding covers a wide range of training topics.   Insurance agencies and companies meet the initial qualifications for WEDnetPA funds.  You would need to review the criteria to see if your agency/company meets the additional criteria.

Please find below the WEDnetPA information which will assist you in determining if your business meets the criteria set forth by WEDnetPA.

If you have any questions regarding eligibility and the application process please reach out to Reggie Overton who is a WEDnetPA representative at CCAC.   He can be reached at:

Reggie Overton at roverton@ccac.edu. Please copy Jeannine Westlock (new local member) on any correspondence to Reggie at: jwestlock@ccac.edu

Learn more about the WEDnetPA Guidelines

by reading the document attached below:

Learn more about the WEDnetPA Fast Facts

by reading the document attached below:

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